Darrell Green isn’t human

Everyone thinks Chris Johnson is fast, and well…he is, really fast. But Darrell Green isn’t just fast, he’s superhuman.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Green, he is a hall of fame cornerback who played twenty seasons with the Washington Redskins. A lot of people consider him to be one of the best cornerbacks of all time (myself included), hence the first ballot hall of famer status. He was a part of those ’87 and ’91 Superbowl teams and played a role in their defense all the way up to 2002 when he retired from the NFL at the age of 42.

Now I assume you all know Chris Johnson, star runningback for the Tennessee Titans, put up more than 2,000 rushing yards last year, ran an insane 4.24 40 yard dash at the combine, and is widely considered to be the fastest man in the NFL right now. He wants to race Usain Bolt for the title of fastest man in the world, but they may have forgotten someone.

Darrell Green ran a 4.12 40 yard dash, a 4.12, think about that. Starting from a standstill, and still being able to average almost 10 yards a second. Now that in itself is crazy impressive, but Green’s superhumanity doesn’t stop there. When Green was 40, he ran the 40 yard dash again, this time he posted a 4.2, that’s right, at 40 years old he posted the same 40 yard dash time as Chris Johnson did when he was fresh out of college. But it gets even crazier, on Darrell Green’s 50th birthday, on February 15, 2010 these three tweets were sent out by the mutant himself :

“Quick update from the Birthday Boy:) I think today I became the fastest 50 year old in the world! @9AM today, I celebrated my 50th BDay”

“By running the 40 yard dash in Orlando, Florida in a time of 4.43! FYI, all born between 1946 -1964 are baby boomers”

“I’m guessing that makes me the fastest baby boomer! I would say, thats really booming. Are you?”

A 4.43 at 50 years old, 50! That is definitely beyond human. Apparently this guy is so fast he has actually outrun aging. Sure Chris Johnson is the fastest man in the NFL right now, but Darrell Green was the fastest man in the NFL for 20 years, and if he was in the NFL now at the age of 50, he would STILL be one of the fastest people in the league.

I bet the Redskins wouldn’t mind having a 50 year old Green in their secondary next season.

Al Messerschmidt/NFL/Getty Images


3 Responses to “Darrell Green isn’t human”

  1. 1 NAM
    February 21, 2010 at 11:39 pm

    Wow… that is pretty insane.

  2. 2 Ben
    February 22, 2010 at 12:57 pm

    Cool! Now how about the slowest baby boomer?

  3. 3 Saam Farahmand
    February 22, 2010 at 8:26 pm

    I believe the proud owner of slowest baby boomer goes to one Joey “No Legs” Johnson. He also doesn’t have any arms, so don’t get any ideas.

    Also, I’m pretty sure it’s pronounced “Darrell”

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