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Looking towards the futurama

Let us all take a moment to thank Adult Swim for the great contributions they have made to our world. Without their foresight two of society’s most glorious achievements may have been lost forever.

When FOX cancelled Family Guy in 2001, few people knew how valuable of a treasure FOX had thrown away. But Adult Swim did, so they began running episodes of Family Guy on their late-night lineup, and they eventually brought in huge ratings. This prompted FOX to bring the show back for new seasons, and it has gotten better ever since. Think of what was almost lost; season upon season of hilarious manatee written humor, more greased up deaf guy, and the eventual total gayification of Stewie; all of these things would have never come to fruition had it not been for Adult Swim.

And now we can thank Adult Swim again. After Futurama was cancelled, again by FOX, Adult Swim picked it up for four years and showed it nearly every night. This exposed it to a new audience and it eventually brought in huge ratings as well. When their broadcast contract was up, the show was lucrative enough that Comedy Central bought the rights and also began ordering new episodes.

Well ladies and gentleman, the time is near, on June 24th 2010, at 10:00 PM, one of our cultures greatest works will be returning to the air with new episodes. That’s right, new Futurama in just over 3 months.

Now there is the chance that the show comes back and sucks terribly, especially considering that Matt Groening’s cartoons haven’t been funny in well over seven years and the Comedy Central Futurama movies were, in my opinion, sub-par. Instead I’ll hope that it follows in the footsteps of Family Guy and comes back more refined and funnier than ever.


Guess who’s coming to twitter

If you’re like me, then I am sorry. I know, it sucks. But also you are probably jonesing for a Conan fix right about now. Sadly,  staying in bed all day, wearing nothing but a pair of old, dirty underwear, eating nothing but chips and soda, watching old clips of Conan on youtube and crying so much that you are eventually lying in a pool of your own filth and tears (which, again, if you’re like me you have already done) was the only way to satiate the need for Conan, until now.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, Conan O’Brien’s twitter account: Conan’s Twitter

Enjoy it and may we all watch Remington Steele naked.


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