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A few thoughts on the superbowl

Most of you probably watched it, so no point in setting up the background info. Here are a few thoughts I had about the game.

Drew Brees: After looking at his last season (Only the second person ever to pass for 5,000 yards, 34 touchdowns, and a 96.2 passer rating for the year) and this year (70.6 completion percentage, 13-3 regular season record with one  loss where he didn’t play, a playoff run during which he beat 3 of the most prolific quarterbacks to play the game: Manning, Favre, and Warner) is it possible that Drew Brees is, at the moment, the best quarterback in the league? No one has played football as well as he has over the last two seasons, the guy has simply been amazing, and he won a Superbowl ring  and a Superbowl MVP while he was at it (though he was snubbed for another big award).

Peyton Manning: It’s funny how short the memories of sports commentators and a large portion of sports fans are. For two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl I had to hear about how Peyton Manning is the greatest to ever play the position of quarterback and all this other stupid Peyton love that really made no sense. He is a great quarterback, probably will end his career as one of the best, but best ever? Please. The guy is .500 in the post season, he’s mediocre when it counts the most. Greatness isn’t what you do in the day to day, or how many meaningless games you win, the fact of the matter is in big games he chokes (I’m going to revisit this topic later, cause there is so much to say about this weird Peyton love that people have). Give me Joe Cool over Peyton any day.

MVP Award: I know hindsight is 20/20 and all, but why the hell didn’t Brees win the MVP again? I mean, even without hindsight, it’s pretty obvious Brees should have won it. Look at the numbers. Brees threw for .6 more yards per attempt, completed 1.8% more of his passes, threw 1 more TD on 57 less attempts, threw 5 less interceptions, and had a 9.7 point higher passer rating. What gives? Drew Brees was better than Peyton in pretty much every way, but Peyton Manning won the regular season MVP for his record 4th time, and he won it by a landslide. Seems like another case of unwarranted Peyton love.

Saints Linebackers: How good did these guys play last night, I mean holy crap how many times did you see a Saints linebacker in single coverage against a Colts receiver? And they weren’t getting beat, they kept up even on some of the longer routes (granted they couldn’t cover them on every pass, but c’mon, they’re linebackers). It was quite a performance they put on and they should get a lot more credit than they are.

Manning’s Interception: Anyone with a memory of Peyton Manning’s career knew this was going to happen, you should have been waiting for it. The guy isn’t a postseason performer, he is a choker, and he WAS going to throw an interception in that game, no doubt about it. Credit to Tracy Porter though for sniffing out that route before the ball was even snapped. (By the way, Peyton should have had two interceptions that game, but it’s cool, I’ll settle with one.)

Garrett Hartley: I’m glad Brees won the Superbowl MVP (mostly because he got snubbed for the regular season MVP) but man, this guy needs to get some kind of award or something. First he gets them to the Superbowl by making that kick under huge pressure in the NFC Championship, then he goes on to break the Superbowl record and kick 3 beautiful field goals right between the uprights from 40+ yards away. Without each of those kicks, the wind goes out of the Saints’ sails and the Colts capitalize, and most likely win the Superbowl. In a year where kickers sucked terribly at pivotal moments, this guy really came through.

Sean Payton: How gutsy was that onside kick coming out of halftime, the balls on Sean Payton are undoubtedly made of some undiscovered substance stronger than even our strongest alloys. The great thing about that play is that every Superbowl party across the nation experienced it the same way.

Party goer 1: So, that “Who” halftime show was really terrible.

Party goer 2: Seriously, didn’t those guys retire like 30 years ago? What the hell are they doing playing the Superbowl?

Party goer 1: I dunno, I heard that Pete Towns HOLY SHIT ONSIDE KICK!

Some food item or drink is spilled as everyone else turns back to the TV. Once the Saints recover everyone cheers (except in Indiana households) then the phones come out and a round of furious texting begins.

Anyway, he deserves a ton of credit for the Saints’ success. If I owned a team, I’d want Sean Payton coaching it.

The Saints’ “Wheelbarrow Guy”: Here is someone who really doesn’t get enough credit, but without him Sean Payton and the Saints’ could have never accomplished what they did. He was there at every training camp, every practice, every team meeting, and every game moving around the wheelbarrow that Sean Payton rests his massive balls in. Without him, Sean Payton wouldn’t have been able to get out of the door in the morning’s and the Saints would have continued to be the Ain’ts.

TV Ratings: The Superbowl last night was the highest rated TV program of all time, with an average of 106.5 million viewers. This broke the record that the hallowed “MASH” finale held since 1983 (average of 106 million viewers for that one). I’m impressed by the ratings for last night, and I’m happy that the Saints  were able to get the greatest national exposure anyone has ever gotten, but I’m still way more impressed by the “MASH” ratings. Think about it, it was 1983. Think about how many less TV’s people had, or just how many less people there were in general, all in all it’s pretty damn impressive.

New Orleans: I can’t remember a Superbowl where more people were cheering for one team, and not because of the team itself, but in solidarity with the city. It was really great to see that city have something good happen to it after so, so much bad. Congratulations New Orleans, you are Super Bowl Champions.


Oscar Nominations

Well the Oscar nominations are out today, and overall I don’t really care either way. I think outside of the acting categories, none of it really matters anymore. Best picture usually goes to some piece of crap that was embraced by the lowest common demoninator, instead of what movie was truly great. I don’t know if expanding it to 10 nominees (like they did this year) will actually help anything, if anything it will be a way to pay lip service to the deserving films without having to actually give them the award. Ah well, Karen O not getting nominated in any of the music categories pretty much ruined it for me, but at least that terrible Avatar song didn’t get a nomination either.

There are a few movies I would like to see win something (Up in the Air, District 9) but my guess is Avatar wins best picture for making a crappy movie that everyone wants to see for reasons I don’t understand.

Anyway, for all the nominees go here:  Oscar Nominations


Toyota Stops Selling Cars

Okay, so let me give you the full back story here; a while back the gas pedal in people’s Toyotas started sticking to the floor, causing the car to wildly and uncontrollably accelerate. This led to a number of accidents, a few tragic deaths, and countless “holy shit! What the fuck is happening! Jesus, Buddha, Allah save me!” moments behind the wheel. So in November Toyota concluded that the problem was that the pedals were getting stuck underneath the floor-mats and they recalled 4.2 million cars and replaced their floor-mats.

Well, the problem didn’t stop. Cars kept accelerating, people kept shitting their pants, and Toyota had to do something about it. So about a week back Toyota instituted another recall, 2.3 million this time. Now here’s the kicker, Toyota has no idea what the hell is wrong with these cars, none. They just know the accelerator sticks, no reason why, no known way to fix it, it just happens.

Now Toyota has decided that the best course of action would be to simply stop selling cars, that’s right, in a world where GM or Chrysler has a smaller share of the automotive market than I do (my 1991 Honda Prelude is still for sale by the way) Toyota, the world’s largest car company, is just going to stop selling 8 of its cars, including its most popular models, the Camry and the Corolla. I remember thinking that the initial recall would be really damaging, but I never saw this coming.

Now, I am an avid Honda guy, so Toyota is kind of the Boston Celtics to my Los Angeles Lakers, but I have to say I feel bad for the company. The way this whole thing came about it’s kind of like the perfect storm to screw over Toyota for no apparent reason. It’s almost an act of God. The car’s are still good, there is nothing wrong with them, they still have that unshakable Toyota quality and reliability, but for some reason one of the most simple mechanisms on them just doesn’t work correctly, and no one can figure out what the hell why. But as a result, Toyota’s image will probably take a hit, Toyota sales will obviously take a hit, and customer satisfaction will probably take one too. Now, Toyota’s brand and image is big enough and has been established for long enough that I don’t think this will do serious long term damage, but you have to admit, this sure blows for them.

And imagine how the dealerships are going to take it; someone walks into their showroom in this terrible economy and actually wants to buy a new car, and you have to tell them “sorry, you and your gigantic check are going to have to go home, we don’t sell cars anymore.”

I’m just really interested to see what the hell the issue could be, I mean, it should be simple to diagnose, but it’s got all of Toyota stumped, and those guys have some really smart engineers. My guess is magic; it would make as much sense as anything else at this point. Either way they better hope they find out what it is, and find out soon.


Selling out for spiderman

Marc Webb has done what I one day hope to do. He made one good movie, put his heart and soul into it, gained some critical acclaim and a measure of fame, and blew it all on a big paycheck. Yep, Marc Webb, the guy who directed (500) Days of Summer, will be the director of Spiderman 4. I can’t imagine what they were thinking with this move, but I am pretty sure I know what Marc Webb was thinking:

Spiderman 4 huh? How much did it cost to make the last one again? 258 million…okay, thats just 32 times what (500) Days of Summer cost to make…will my paycheck be 32 times bigger too?

…I’m in.”

Well, good luck Marc Webb, I wish you the best of luck on this latest directorial endeavour. There is no way you will live up to Christopher Nolan’s indie-director-turned-mainstream-movie-god precedent, but hey, at least you can’t suck as bad as Sam Raimi.


Coachella 2010 Line-up

Well, they released the Coachella lineup earlier today and it looks pretty decent. Got some good stuff in there; Muse is pretty awesome live, I do like Gorillaz, there are a bunch of smaller bands that I would love to see, and Thom Yorke being there is really reason enough to go. Hell, I’d even watch Jay-Z just to watch him.

Overall I am pretty happy with the lineup and am 90% sure I’ll be going this year, though I will have to say it’s totally not worth it for those who have to camp out. As someone who spent last Coachella camping out in Satan’s ass crack, also known as Indio valley, it is something I will never do again. I mean it is one thing to bear the ridiculous heat and walk over the huge field to see all the acts, but to sleep in it too, is just unbearable. Last years experience pretty much went like this.

Day 1: Had to move the heavy camping equipment about half a mile in 100+ degree heat to get it to our campsite, almost passed out, and subsequently got a headache that made the rest of the day extremely unenjoyable. Tried to go to sleep after the show but everyone was making a lot of noise at the campsite, so I couldn’t get to sleep until after 4 am.

Day 2: At about 8 am it was no longer possible to sleep. The tent was letting in all of the sunlight and it was already hot as balls considering the day had just begun. Ended up being completely unable to sleep, but there was nothing notable going on for another six hours.  Sat around in the heat, tried to stay cool, failed, and had a terrible time that day because I spent the whole day extremely tired in sweltering heat. The night was really cold, which was great considering the weather earlier. I ended up moving all the camping equipment to the car that night and sleeping in the car.

Day 3: The car was cramped and uncomfortable but with the air conditioning going it was much more bearable than the tent. Laid in the car until 4 pm and debated going home, but then stopped being a wuss and enjoyed the rest of the day. It wasn’t too bad after getting a little bit of sleep and escaping the heat for a while. Left Coachella that night, got home, and a booked a hotel room for next year so I would never have to camp at Coachella again.


More ways to procrastinate

Whenever I am  looking to put off making meaningful blog posts or doing anything that would require me to get up, I often look to flash games to help me be a less productive member of society. One of the ones I found recently that is quite decent is this Super Mario 63 flash game. All in all its really well done and pretty fun, although I do hate the way that running works in the game. I just started playing it so if later levels suck don’t blame me for wasting your time, but if it ends up being really good, feel free to laud copious amounts of praise onto me (despite the fact that I had nothing to do with its creation).

Super Mario 63


Jimmy Kimmel blasts Leno on Leno

Jimmy Kimmel was on Leno last night for one of many stupid segments Jay has on his show to fill time because he isn’t funny. Now I don’t know who the genius was who made this happen, but it was a pretty huge disaster.  Jimmy Kimmel pretty much took every opportunity to take shots at Leno for screwing over Conan, which couldn’t have made Leno happy. The video of the entire segment is below. But this brings up two things, one, doesn’t Jay have any dignity at this point? I mean, c’mon, just go away man. 17 years on “The Tonight Show” you had your turn, go home. Two, Jimmy Kimmel is awesome, once they put Jay back on “The Tonight Show” my boycott of Leno will mean I watch Letterman from 11:35-12:05, then switch over to ABC for Jimmy Kimmel Live. I think you should do the same.


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