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Tim Tebow Pick Shows Josh McDaniels’ Arrogance

The biggest surprise of the first round of the 271 day long NFL draft was the Denver Broncos taking Tim Tebow in the first round.

Now I’m not here to argue whether picking a quarterback that hasn’t played in a pro-style offense, doesn’t have a lot of accuracy, holds the ball low, and has a release longer than one of Roger Goodell’s uncomfortable bear hugs was a good idea or not. Especially since the QB in question would normally go undrafted if it wasn’t for media hype and the fact that he was born of a virgin, as the prophecies foretold; again, I’m not here to claim that picking a guy like that in the first round was a good idea or a bad one.

But we’ve heard for a while that Josh McDaniels may just be a tad bit arrogant. From the way he stormed into Denver and started making huge changes (including shipping out their franchise QB) to benching Brandon Marshall and then sending him to Miami for draft picks. He seems to think he and his system are more important than the team’s most talented players.

And the Tebow pick solidifies it. You don’t take someone that early in the draft, especially someone that raw, without thinking that you have the ability to refine him and coach him into a starter in a fairly short amount of time. Josh McDaniels thinks he has the ability to make this guy a franchise quarterback and he basically said to the world “you all think Tebow can’t play? Just wait until I’m through with him.”

The bad thing for Broncos fans—who have had to deal with a lot of bad lately—is that McDaniels might be just a little too proud for his own good. He has come into Denver and made huge moves, but the team has not substantially improved. In fact, you can make the argument that they regressed. They were a team with a lot of holes in their roster, and since shipping out some of their best players, they only have more holes now.

Will it work? Maybe, but Belichick’s disciples don’t really have the best track record.



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